In Memoriam: Ambassador Mihnea Constantinescu

(1961 - 2018)

The Euro Atlantic Council of Romania mourns the loss of one of the most distinguished diplomats and founders of Casa NATO. Ambassador Mihnea Constantinescu was a highly-respected diplomat and colleague of ours that ennobled the sense of public service, crossing times and political regimes with the same unaltered professional and national conscience.

Mihnea was admired across Romania and abroad for his candor and his example in prioritizing national and human values over partisan politics. He worked tirelessly to help improve the Romanian diplomatic stage and was instrumental in our NATO and EU accession.


Mihnea served unde five prime ministers, and was a career diplomat for three decades in the Romanian Foreign Ministry.

Born in 1961, he graduated the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and became a professor until 1991, when he joined the Foreign Ministry. Mr. Constantinescu was president of the International Alliance for the Holocaust Memory, ambassador, special representative of the Romanian Government on energy security issues. He also held various positions of head of the PM’s Chancellery, state counselor or PM’s diplomatic adviser, secretary of state and director general for policy within the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He was the personal assistant of PM Petre Romania, head of cabinet of premier Theodor Stolojan, Government spokesperson, head of cabinet of PM Nicolae Vacaroiu, head of cabinet and adviser of ex-FM Mircea Geoana.

He was head of cabinet of ex-PM Adrian Nastase (2004) and head of cabinet of former PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu (2005-2008).

In 2001 he was personal representative of the OSCE Presidency for South Eastern Europe during the Romanian presidency, and in 2003 he was the Romanian Government’s representative upon the Provisional Authority in Baghdad and counselor of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry.

In 2012 the former premier Victor Ponta named him as state adviser.

At the same time, Mihnea Constantinescu was member of the Royal Council set up by late King Michael I, during October 2010-December 2015.

Before joining the diplomatic corps, he was a professor at the Polytechnic University in Bucharest, in the nuclear energy field, where he also held a PhD.


Teodor Meleșcanu
- Minister of Foreign Affairs

“This is bad news for the Romanian diplomacy. Mihnea Constantinescu was one of the most respected ambassadors, a man of great professional quality, balance and undivided scrutiny in promoting Romania’s interests, irrespective of the ruling parties. This is a great loss for us, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (…) He was a diplomat that left an important heritage to us”
Călin Popescu Tăriceanu
- President of the Senate (former Prime Minister)

In great sadness I've learned that Mihnea Constantinescu passed away. I have lost today not only a former collaborator, but a close friend. I had the honour to work with, share thoughts and opinions together. He was a man that is entwining the definition of professionalism and common sense all together, having an important contribution to all of the files aiming at Romania. He was the person one could count on at any moment
Petre Roman
- former Prime Minister

I am very, very, very upset about the recent news of Mihnea. He was very close to me since he was a student. I brought him to the Government. He was the Government’s spokesman and an important collaborator for me. I have to say he was what French people call «un grand serviteur de l'état», a great man in the service of the state. (…) He was a man with a formidable devotion to the public good and a professional like no one else. This is a great loss for the Romanian state. He never followed any personal ambition. He was always the man who did his job, no matter where he was asked to operate.
Ana Birchall
- Vice Prime Minister for Romania's Strategic Partnerships' Implementation

Words are too poor to help me express my respect and appreciation for a dear man, an exceptional ambassador, a colleague hard to find and a true friend who anytime, anywhere and practically at any hour was there to give a piece of advice, to encourage you, to share his opinion, in a hard to find elegance, without forcing you to take it! He loved Romania and he loved the Romanian diplomacy, dedicating them his life and professional career!
Mircea Geoană
- former President of the Senate, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, diplomat

An aristocrat of Romanian diplomacy past away at an unjustifiably young age. Mihnea Constantinescu has ennobled the sense of public service, crossing times and political regimes with the same unaltered professional and national conscience. I had the chance to work with Mihnea, as did generations of dignitaries and senior officials from home and abroad. He leaves behind a remarkable memory and a strong footprint on the national status of the Romanian State. I wish you a smooth road to heaven, Mihnea! God rest him in peace!
George Ciamba
- Minister Delegate for European Affairs

The passing away, much too early, of Ambassador Mihnea Constantinescu is a loss for those who have known and valued him. Ambassador Mihnea Constantinescu was a colleague, a mentor and a great man who knew how to make a positive impression on those with whom he collaborated. I personally witnessed how Mihnea Constantinescu decisively influenced the great battles of Romanian diplomacy. I consider a privilege that, in my professional activity, I was a fellow with him. I deeply regret the loss of a friend and I will continue to cherish our friendship forever. Sincere condolences to his family.
H.E. Hans Klemm
- US Ambassador to Romania

The U.S. Embassy community and I were deeply saddened to learn today of the passing of Ambassador Mihnea Constantinescu. He was a consummate diplomat, a Romanian patriot, and I know of no stronger advocate for the U.S.-Romania Strategic Partnership. Ambassador Constantinescu’s many contributions to both Romania and the international community, including his recent leadership of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, will not be forgotten. His wise counsel to me and my predecessors proved invaluable as we sought to best represent America to the Romanian people. My sincere condolences go to Ambassador Constantinescu’s family, colleagues and friends. He will be dearly missed.
Dr Kathrin Meyer
- International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Executive Secretary

Mihnea was a highly professional diplomat with a sharp wit and real warmth of character. I had the pleasure of working closely with him throughout 2016 and was struck by his unwavering commitment to combatting antisemitism and safeguarding the memory of the Holocaust. Even after his chairmanship ended, he continued to be active in the fight against antisemitism. I will miss him as a distinguished colleague, but also as a friend.
David Harris

Mihnea Constantinescu was a stalwart supporter of the State of Israel, a leader in the fight against anti-Semitism, and a true friend of the Jewish people. His untimely passing is a great loss for all of us. We are grateful for the gift of his life, his abiding friendship, and his relentless dedication to key issues he and we hold dear. We will miss him greatly.
Princess Margareta of Romania
- The Romanian Crown's Custodian.

I've learned with endless sadness about the premature, unexpected passing away of ambassador Mihnea Constantinescu. For 20 years, he used to be a great counselor of King Mihai and mine, also an unreplaceable friend. He used to be one the most constant and strong, discreet and professional members of my House.
Teodor Baconschi
- Former Minister of Foreign Affairs

This man was a gentleman, a personality of such an intelligence and fineness, a diplomat who used to work always in a discreet manner for our anchoring in the West. He was one of my friends within the MAE. He knew how to appreciate the culture, he would have wished a Romania where merit should have been recognised effortlessly, a better country led by intelligent, patriot people. I know he cherished the warmth of my friendship and I enjoyed the long of the years his sharp, calm, commonsensical distinction.God rest his soul!
Academician Constantin Balaceanu Stolnici
- President, CIADO Romania

Mihnea was the one who has fully implicated in sustaining the anti-drug policies through the care for the National Anti-drug Agency (ANA)'s functioning at its maximum parameters when it came to the agency's human and financial resources, having for this several meetings with the CIADO (International Anti-drug and Human Rights Centre) leadership and the ANA's